Tuesday, May 09, 2006

TIme to update the blog. Desktop, Colbert, Comics

Do I really have anything worth saying right now? Well, maybe if I start typing...

To my friends and relatives: I am rebuilding my PC desktop. I put it off long enough. I do wonder how long it will take to get this thing up and running.

To the Washington Press Corp: Your reaction to Stephen Colbert's speech showed you to be (surprise, surprise) a bunch of pussies. Long may The Colbert wave!

Do you know when people are making hotel reservations for the July San Diego Comic Con? 6 months early. SIX. MONTHS. EARLY. I guess the comic book world is still doing well. Better make my reservations by Halloween.

I admit, I will buy the Civil War storyline from Marvel. DC and Marvel have to do these crossovers to keep sales up. Lately, Marvel had been smart enough to work with relevant and interesting story topics. House of M: what if the oppressed mutant minority was at the top of the social scale? Civil War: all mutants and superheroes in the USA have to register with the gubmint and git a gubmint job, and git their masks yanked off in front of cranky congressmen, and git stuffed into a database that the gubmint says will not be abused, we PROMISE, really really. A certain segment of the population being treated like potential crooks because of an accident of DNA? Sounds awfully familiar.

And what is DC's latest crossover? Infinite Earths Get Reshuffled Again, But This Time In An Even Grittier Way Cuz A Spare Superboy Goes Nutzoid! Can you say retread?

That is enough for one post. Later.