Saturday, January 12, 2008

YouTube embedding in blogger: slight problem

I find that if I leave my blogger page open for a while, I get the message "we're sorry, but this video is no longer available" when I try to play an embedded YouTube video. Refreshing the blogger page fixes this problem. (But I'd rather not have to refresh the page! I will post a fix if I find it.)

Friday, January 11, 2008

OK, now to try a YouTube link.

I posted the video I made for my barber. I am referring to the YouTube site I made for him rather than my own, just in case someone in San Mateo wants a really really good haircut at a place with character.

another test for a photo

Here is a photo of me on a rock. I managed to get this to work by using my flickr account; I am guessing that I must fork over cash to MarsEdit if I am to post photos directly from my Mac. Seems to work OK; in a pinch, all I will need to do from MacWorld Expo is to post my pix to Flickr and then import them into MarsEdit.

Dave on rock.JPG

Next, maybe I ought to try posting a YouTube link. Been meaning to do that anyhow.

This is a little test of MarsEdit software, preparing for my blogging from MacWorld.

Test, test, test. OK, I hope this works.

I am having trouble adding a photo to this blog post. I will try just the text first.