Saturday, May 16, 2009

How I will (YAWN!) vote on Props 1A-1F.

No. On all of them.

What, you want some background? OK, you can go to my web page. I am not even going to bother with putting some of that stuff in this blog posting.

Click here to go to my prop write-up. Budget propositions are hard to get mad about. Gee, not a lot of fun this time. But I can get back to writing my nnnnnnnn-novel! (Say it like Stewie of Family Guy says to Brian the dog, who is writing a novel, a rather rotten one.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Book book book.

I will head to the Pruneyard's Barnes and Nobel in Campbell this eve at 7:30. I will see if I can do a reading. I have done enough readings by now that it is getting easier.

I keep getting ideas in bed, and writing them down so's I don't forget. Several of those ideas help. Like what a third object of power should be in my book, and how it will fit with a couple characters standing in for Frodo (depressed Swedish assassin) Gollum (a perv of a comic book artist), and Sam (a Hooters girl). Well, I think that is how I want to write that chapter. The idea seems good. You know, maybe this book will go somewhere. I hope to finish it in the next, oh, 6 months or so. In time for the holiday season? Doing a satire is fum; there is so much to poke fun at (or pay an homage to, if I actually like the source material).

Have to start finding ways to get this book noticed. Maybe I have a use for Twitter or Facebook now. I have to look into that. How do you market a book nowadays? Beter start soon, if I want to build some buzz. Already, I seem to be getting a little notice at Red Rock Coffee. One guy working there said he wanted to hear more, and what was going to happen next (I ended on a cliffhanger last time). I had to tell him I am not writing in sequential order, so it will be a while before I resolve that. I suppose I could have said, "HUMPH! GREAT ART CANNOT BE RUSHED!" Well, it does have to be written.

Also have to look for my next tech writing gig. I do not forget about that! I see some stuff out there; it was getting getting dry for a couple of weeks, but I an seeing a little more opportunity again. I am seeing a little more in the area of animation; I have to play with that! I have learned that a good way to get a gig is to play with a company's software and send that with your resume or writing samples.

OK, time to fold laundry.