Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dave's picks for the June 2008 election

Here is the link to my usual election rantings on my website. Most of the links below will also go there.

Here are my picks for the California 12th congressional district. Click the links below to read them in more detail.

  • Green pick: Barry Hermanson. He is the only choice I have, since I am Green. He is a good guy.
  • Democrat pick: Jackie Speier. I think I am falling in love. She is serving out the remainder of Tom Lantos's term. And the first Congressional speech she made--blasting Bush over the Iraq war--had some repubs first boo her and then walk out. Fine, now, could you dirtbags please STAY OUT???
  • Republican pick: Mike Moloney. Yeah, I have already talked about him. The repub surprise. The link leads to my previous post about him.

Here is the link to my analysis of the propositions: I HATE 98! 99, YES YES YES! 98 is another piece of crap convincing you that if you don't destroy all rent control in California and gut water pollution laws also, that a bulldozer will flatten your house. HOW DUMB DO THEY THINK WE ARE?!?!?! YES on 99!!! (99 had to be put on the ballot so 98 would not do damage. These Jarvis guys have annoyed me enough that I made up a new term for them. You can click the link to read it.)

Here is the link to my vote on San Mateo issues. Click the link or scroll down to read it.

To make up my mind, I read my voter guide. I also looked up the San Francisco Bay Guardian endorsements.